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How to Deal With Difficult Salon Clients

As you begin your career in cosmetology, you will quickly discover that not all of your clients are going to be easy to work with. While some may be picky about the way you cut their hair or do their nails, others may be beyond picky. Just like every other industry and many different aspects of life, there are always people who are more difficult to deal with than other, for whatever reason.

Knowing how to handle those clients in the beauty industry will help you maintain a good reputation, keep your sanity, and make your clients happy. At Designing Beauty Academy in Windsor, we want to help give you advice on how to handle difficult clients. We offer programs for cosmetologist, esthetician, hairstylist, and nail technician. In our courses, you will learn all of the skills you need in your beauty career and so much more!

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In this blog, we are going to go over some tips on handling your most difficult clients. Read on to learn more!

Keep Conversations Minimal

While talking with your clients is not a bad thing and can actually build a better relationship, there are those clients who seem to believe that hairstylists and other beauty professionals double as therapists. They will talk loudly and nonstop about their problems and other things in their life. To handle these clients, try to keep the conversation as innocent and impersonal as possible. Talk about the weather, celeb gossip, weekend plans, or anything else that is considered small talk. If your client doesn’t want to talk, don’t force it. If your client is getting too personal, try to steer the conversation in another direction. If you feel comfortable enough to be upfront with your client, you can simply ask to change the topic.


Recommend Someone Else

If a client has been coming to you regularly at this point, but they always complain about the way you cut their hair or did their makeup, it is okay to suggest they see someone else. Whether they simply like complaining or they can’t properly communicate what they want, a client that complains every time but still comes back to you should be seeing someone else. The next time they complain about the services you provide, suggest another stylist or beautician in the same salon that may be the better option. This may be an awkward conversation but just reassure them that you want them to like the results, and if you aren’t providing them with that then they should see someone else.

Break Up With Your Client

There are some clients that are just plain rude. If a client is questioning your competence, disrespecting you or your coworkers, and being overly rude, you don’t have to put up with that. No one deserves to be treated like that, especially someone who is providing this rude client with professional services. If you have a client that you hate working with, feel free to break up with them. You don’t need to explain yourself or apologize, simply say you can no longer work with them and suggest another salon or professional.

Hopefully, these tips help you handle your most difficult clients. There are many types of clients that are hard to deal with, but there are the most common. Sign up for beauty courses at Designing Beauty Academy in Windsor!