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How to Become a Makeup Artist

As we have talked about many times before, there are so many different career paths you can take after cosmetology school. From a hair stylist to a nail technician to an esthetician, the options are endless. One career that we have not discussed in great detail is a makeup artist.

Being a makeup artist seems like the dream job, especially if you make it big and work with celebrities. All you do is work your makeup magic on other’s faces, right? While it is technically as simple as that, there are some things you should know about being a makeup artist before you choose this as your career path. These tips can help make the path simpler for you.

Become Part Of The Growing Beauty Industry

If you have already decided this is the path you are taking, be sure to sign up for cosmetology course at Designing Beauty Academy! You will learn all the skills necessary to become a successful makeup artist, plus some other skills that will become helpful along the way! To learn more, read on.

It Takes Practice

This may seem obvious, but being a successful makeup artist takes practice. Many people start by practicing on themselves, then others, and eventually find a passion for it. Practicing on yourself is a great way to start and learn different techniques. After you have mastered some skills, you can look back at old photos and see how much you have improved, but remember, there is always room for more improvement and makeup trends are always changing. Keep practicing!


Do Some Research

Be sure to do some research about the great makeup artists that came before you. Which styles do you like and which artists catch your eye the most? This will help you learn more about your makeup style, learn about different styles, and those artists who paved the way in the makeup industry.

Use Instagram

If you have an Instagram account and want to be a makeup artist, you surely know how many people are posting tutorials and photos of their makeup styles. This is a great place to launch a career. While you should not focus all of your efforts on social media, it is a great place to show off your skills and the different trends you are trying. If you do your makeup differently one day and love the results, post it! Makeup tutorials are also great to post! People love seeing the transformation and process.

Go To School

If you are serious about becoming a makeup artist, you will likely want to go to a beauty school to get started. Not only will you learn different skills, techniques, and makeup tricks while in beauty school, but you will also gain other important skills as well. At Designing Beauty Academy in Windsor, we also help our students with interview techniques, building a resume, communications skills, and other important skills for the industry as a whole.

These are a few of the many tips that can help you to become a successful makeup artist. If you are serious about a career in makeup or beauty, be sure to check out our course and contact us today with any questions!