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Fun and Unique Hairstyles to Try

Sometimes change is needed. We have all been there. When our life has been moving through the same mundane routine day after day with the same lunch, the same clothing, the same everything. It is during times like these when change is suddenly a necessity.

When you find yourself in need of change, don’t do anything extremely drastic like quit your job or buy a puppy that you are not ready for (even if it is so tempting). Instead, trying something that can be fixed and forgotten overtime — like a fun and funky hairstyle.

Become Part Of The Growing Beauty Industry

The best part about hair is that it grows back! Whether you shave your entire head, dye it a bright and eye-catching color, or try something you never imagined trying, your normal hair will be back eventually. That is why, when change is needed, a new and exciting hairstyle is the best choice.

At Designing Beauty Academy, we can help you get a fun and fresh hairstyle that will give your life an exciting touch when you need it most. Our beauty school students are in the phase of their career where they want to try new and exciting haircuts and colors on their clients, of course, they won’t unless you ask. They need this experience to learn different strategies, methods, and styles that work with a variety of hair types.

Now, we are not saying that you should stop by to let our student experiment and try their craziest ideas on your beautiful hair. But we are saying that you should schedule an appointment if you have a need for change and think your hairdo could use one as well. Our students are skilled and have so many new and fun ideas. They could give you the hairstyle you have always dreamed of!

If you are ready to try a new and exciting hairstyle, read on! In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the fun and unique hairstyles to try.


Bold Bangs

Not everyone can pull off bangs, but like many things, you won’t know until you try it! If you have always been curious about whether bangs will look awesome on you or make you look like a toddler, the only way you will know it to try. There are many different bang styles, from the classic bangs to bangs that sweep across the forehead. Get some idea by checking out these celebs and their stylish bangs!

The Bob

The bob is not a new a fresh hairstyle in the fashion world. It has been a popular haircut before and it seems to be making a comeback. The bob is fun, flirty, fierce, and could be just what you need to feel like a new you! There are so many different bob styles, so our stylist will likely find one for your hair type and personal style.


Maybe you already have bangs, a bob, or a pixie cut that you can’t do too much more with. This is the perfect time to change the color of your hair! While you can always go blonde, brunette, or black, there are so many other colors that are actual colors! Try dying your hair a light blue, a dusty rose, or a deep purple. Even adding as much as a tint of color to your hair could be enough change to spice up your life.

These are a few ideas to try when in need of a change. Schedule your appointment at Designing Beauty Academy and our stylish can offer even more ideas!