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4 Unusual Jobs for Cosmetologists

While most of the students who attend Designing Beauty Academy go on to work in hair salons, nail salons, spas, or medspas, every once in a while a graduate uses their cosmetology license to do something utterly unique. In this blog post we explore four unusual ways that you can use your cosmetology license if you’re looking for an outside-the-box career. With these four fun opportunities you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck behind a salon chair again!

For the best cosmetology training in Northern Colorado, turn to Designing Beauty Academy. We offer comprehensive education for hair stylists, nail technicians, and estheticians to help students become leaders in the thriving beauty industry. We’re not your average beauty school — we offer small, personalized classes of one to four students so you can get hands-on experience with industry professionals, as well as a flexible scheduling, which is perfect for moms and other busy people. Best of all, we have a 100% job placement rate, meaning that you don’t have to worry about leaving Designing Beauty Academy with nowhere to use your license. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover four unique career paths for licensed cosmetologists then schedule a free tour of our Windsor beauty school today!


Movie Makeup Artist

Who hasn’t dreamt of working in the movies? As a movie makeup artist you get to go behind-the-scenes of Hollywood and indie films and rub elbows with the rich and famous. There is currently a high demand for licensed makeup artists to work in the sci-fi movie industry, in particular. Working as a makeup artist for sci-fi films can be challenging and fun, as it often involves prosthetics, false hair, and extensive full-body makeup. Transform humans into aliens, monsters, and other creatures as you make your Hollywood dreams a reality!

Fashion Show Artist

Put your hair styling or makeup skills to good use by working as a fashion show artist. Watch your work grace everything from catwalks to magazine covers and become a bonafide influencer as you learn to perfect haute hair and makeup looks. Because this is a competitive field, you might want to first look for an internship in the fashion industry.

Advertising Stylist

Have you ever seen the hair or makeup in a TV commercial and thought you could do better? Well, here’s your chance! Working in marketing as an advertising stylist allows you to flex your creative muscles by collaborating with models and big-name brands for magazines, TV commercials, billboards, and more. Your work will have to emphasize or complement particular products or services.

Cruise Ship Esthetician

Do you suffer from a case of wanderlust? Perhaps you want to be an esthetician but are worried about spending years in the same city. As a cruise ship esthetician, you can do what you love while also travelling the world! No cruise ship is complete without a luxury spa and travelers looking for the ultimate pampering experience. As a cruise ship esthetician, you’ll get to have experiences that most people only dream of while enjoying high tips. Many cruise ships require that estheticians also be qualified massage therapists, so if this is a career path that you’re interested in, you’ll probably want to look into massage training as well.

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