To enroll in all programs available, a student must have two forms of identification: i.e. social security card and driver’s license (or state identification with photo ID) and appropriate educational requirement: 1) high school diploma, or 2) GED. All applicants must complete an Application for Enrollment and provide proof of education and age (not under the age of 18 years old).

Prospective students may enroll anytime. Late enrollments will be accepted only one week into the course, depending on length of the course.

Enrollment is available for students wishing to transfer to Designing Beauty Academy after they have withdrawn from other cosmetology schools both in and out of state. DBA does not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering similar programs of study. The student must submit certification of hours/credits prior to enrollment. The previous credits may be granted at the discretion of DBA, but is not guaranteed, just as the credits from DBA may or may not be transferable to other institutions. DBA does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution unless there is a written agreement with another institution.

Learn more about our school and how to enroll by contacting us or filling out this form.