Hair stylist program

The Hair Stylist program is designed to train you in basic manipulative skills, safety, proper work habits and desirable attitudes necessary for entry-level positions in hair styling, cosmetology or related career avenues. At Designing Beauty Academy, we use Paul Mitchell products for our hair program.

Your program consists of 40 credit hours of instruction in theory and practical skill development, as required for the hairstylist licensing exam administered by the State of Colorado's Office of Barber and Cosmetology. Your instructor will introduce you to theory and practice material, followed by laboratory activities. You must complete the theory and practice segments and receive a passing grade before participating in laboratory activities.

You will be expected to learn the information and master the skills required to complete the program and pass the Colorado licensure exam, while acquiring the professional attitudes and habits necessary to obtain an entry-level job and then advance along the profession's career path.

Course length and cost

Hair Stylist ten-month program, 40 credit hours
Wednesday-Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Registration Fees 100.00
Kit, Uniform and Books 1,100.00
*prices subject to change

Books for Hair Stylist program

Designing Beauty Academy uses Milady's Standard Cosmetology published by Thomson Delmar Learning, the world's number one publisher of beauty training materials and professional reference books.

Hairstylist curriculum

  • Shampooing, Rinsing & Conditioning
  • 2 credits
  • Shampoo chemistry, Hair & Scalp Analysis, Scalp Disorders & Diseases, Scalp Manipulations, Shampooing Procedures & Techniques, Rinsing, Conditioning & Finishing, Treatments of the Scalp & Hair
  • Hair Coloring
  • 8 credits
  • Color Theory, Color Applications & Techniques, Chemistry of Hair color, Hair Lightening (Bleaching), Special Effects Techniques, Corrective Color Theory & Techniques
  • Haircutting
  • 8 credits
  • Scalp Analysis & Hair Growth, Theory of Haircutting, Tools & Implements, Sectioning & Control, Angles & Elevation, Cutting Techniques & Applications
  • Hairstyling
  • 7 credits
  • Principles of Hair Design, Wet Hairstyling, Roller Sets, Pincurls & Fingerwaving, Thermal Hairstyling, Blow Dry Styling, Iron Curling, Waving, Artistry of Artificial Hair, Long Hair Techniques, Hair Pressing
  • Chemical Texture Services
  • 4 credits
  • Chemistry of Permanent Waving, Hair Structure & Analysis, Sectioning, Blocking & Wrapping, Permanent Waving Techniques, Chemistry of Chemical Relaxing, Relaxer Application Techniques, Soft Curl Permanent Waving
  • Laws, Rules & Regulations
  • 1 credit
  • Local, State & Federal Laws and Statutes, School Rules, Regulations & Policies
  • Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills & Salesmanship
  • 1 credit
  • Interpersonal Skills, Communication & Human Relations, Professionalism, Management & Ethics, Salesmanship Skills & Traits
  • Disinfection, Sanitation & Safe Work Practices
  • 9 credits
  • Bacteriology & Infection Control, Sanitation Practices in the Workplace, Patron Protection, Draping, Material Safety Data Sheets, OSHA in the workplace, Standards & Regulations, Public Sanitation Methods, Chemical Agents, Types, Classifications, Safe Use & Handling
  • Total
  • 40 credits
  • At Designing Beauty Academy 40 credits is equivalent to 1200 hours of training.
Woman with styled hair Cosmetologist rolling hair in a curler Hairstylist tools